Construction P-Thermo 25

The construction of P-25 has an inner panel with a triple layer of natural mineral wool by Knauf Insulation, which is an insulating material based on natural mineral fibers.

The mineral wool is produced from natural renewable raw materials and does not involve a chemical petroleum base.

This technology was developed by strengthening the environmental characteristics of the material without affecting the thermal insulation properties, the fire protection classification A1, the fireproofing, the sound insulation, the sound absorption, the mechanical properties and the highly recycled content, and the improved durability of the product.

Construction P-Thermo 20

The outer walls of the P-20 construction, apart from the fixed insulation, have an extra external layer on the walls – the certified external Thermoprosopsis system. This provides thermal protection for inadequate heating or excessive heat and provides the house with comfortable living conditions, ie good heat accumulation which ensures a sense of comfort that will not be disturbed by a sudden change in heating / cooling or sudden temperature changes.

The external facade enables energy savings by reducing the need for heating or cooling of the premises.

It also provides acoustic protection against external noise and fire prevention as the materials are non-combustible thus increasing fire prevention in homes.

Construction of P-H 20

These walls have an external surface of insulating Heraclitus boards, which consist of wood and fibre cement and have no chemical additives. They provide healthy heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption, protection due to mineralization of wood cement and absolute adhesion with the three-layer plaster (priming-laspwma-marble) used in concrete construction, avoiding delamination or cracking problems.

Heraclitus slabs are not affected by moisture, have a long life and are non-flammable, immune to microorganisms and unchanged by chemical compounds.

Construction P-Eco 12

Wood remains a very popular building material for construction particularly in rural areas.

It is used both in load-bearing and as an investment because it integrates well into the natural environment, and naturally offers excellent insulating properties.

For these reasons it is suitable for the climate in all regions of Greece, fitting well in both urban and rural areas.